Michkael Baker

In his 20 years of experiences as an artist ,innovator and systems developer, he has founded and lead a variety of businesses including a multimedia company a landscape, design and construction business and a community food and innovation center called The Open Kitchen. Michkael’s current focus is launching Blue Voice Enterprises , a social impact innovation and multimedia design organization that develops open source technologies,  cooperative businesses and living systems that allow for a new economic system to emerge in local communities  around the world.

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Maura Dawgert

 Maura practices acupuncture, Aroma Acupoint Therapy and herbal medicine in Portland, Oregon, where she focuses on women’s health, pain management, oncology support and mental-emotional health. Maura also founded and runs Wild Hearts Apothecary, a non-profit dedicated to funding healthcare projects in low-income communities.  In addition, she teaches Aroma Acupoint Therapy workshops and Qigong, herbal wild-crafting and medicine making retreats around the country. Her passion and mission is to teach practical, effective and sustainable tools to empower individuals around their health.



Wilfredo Benitez

Will is the owner and nutritionist of On Pace Wellness and a former teacher. Will believes that food is medicine and that how we eat food affects its potential to provide nourishment. His mission is to support individuals, families, and communities in  experiencing  healthy relationships with food and guiding them in their journey towards wellness.

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Shannon Thompson

Shannon  is currently the operations manger of a construction company in Portland Oregon. She has served as an instructor and general manger in the food industry for over 22 years. Shannon’s is an entrepreneur and creative at heart with a keen eye for detail and precision. Here love of food has allowed her to develop and consult for various businesses including a catering company , a social impact food as medicine concept and various start ups. Her compassion for humanity desire for expansion keep her focused on creating with others with fresh and new ideas. 

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Jesse Chen

Jesse is a passionate technology strategist, project manager, entrepreneur, leader, and speaker and the founder of Powerline, an award-winning mobile app and web communications system for local and global community engagement and democratic participation.Influenced by systems thinking and critical theory, Jesse believes the increasing complexity of our world requires us to think differently about the problems that plague society. He strives to bring attention to the necessity for leadership and the responsible design and use of technology for society’s collective benefit.

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Shalom Mayberg

Shalom has been helping people from all over the world relax, heal and find overall balance in order to live a healthier life using yogic practices, meditation, intuitive energy work and sound healing .Shalom is best known for his private and group sound healing services. With the use of  Quartz Crystal singing bowls, Native American drums, Tibetan and Indian bells, and a loving voice, Shalom creates a Soundscape where one can relax, naturally unwind, and enter a space where profound healing and growth takes place.

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Louise Photo Team

Louise Neilson

Louise is an educator, trainer, meeting facilitator and mediator with a master’s degree in creativity and innovation.For over 25 years she has worked with individuals, businesses, higher education, and government agencies to generate creative strategies when something needs to change. She is creative strategist and mediator with Applied Creativity…when something needs to change. She focuses on finding new solutions to existing and emerging interpersonal challenges that are preventing teams from moving forward.

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LaRhonda Steele

LaRhonda Steele is a singer, peformer and composer who is best known for bringing her sultry and rich vocals to listeners world wide. Living in Portland Oregon and a staple at the  Waterfront Blues Festivals  she has enjoyed working with local, national and international artists: Curtis Salgado, Norman Sylvester, Linda Hornbuckle, Janice Scroggins, Paul Delay, Obo Addy and Thara Memory. LaRhonda’s  powerful voice and presence  evoke a  spiritual experience to any soul who has the pleasure of experiencing her performance.

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Adolfo Cuellar

 A diverse and talented musician Adolfo holds a degree in classical guitar performance. Adoflo  has has toured the country with various bands,worked in management and currently runs a prolific business in Real Estate while performing in a Cuban Funk Rock Group called  1000Fuegos. Adolfo is passionate abut Tai Chi, exercise and the multidimensional art of communication.

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Ben Garvey

Ben Garvey is an award-winning director of photography,  who has traversed the globe with his cinematography, shooting for National Geographic, Greenpeace and Mercy Corps, and international travel tv shows.Ben also creates films for local and international foundations in promoting their social and environmental work around the world.



Samantha Thomas

Samantha is the Executive Director of Dream Change, a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 1987 by New York Times bestselling author, John Perkins, to help raise consciousness and inspire more sustainable ways of living. In 2015 she created the Love Summit a Dream Change  yearly signature event. The Love Summit is a  business conference, designed to demonstrate how heart-centered people and companies can transform the world.

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Sky is an interdisciplinary designer,researcher, technology developer,  composer and new media artist who has supported organizations and teams to actualize their ideas, through strong conceptual understanding and multi-dimensional production techniques. As a researcher and inventor Sky has compiled detailed research reports & technical writing for  projects that include UI / UX development and music technology patents. He has a great interest  in architecture, city planning, politics, and how we as global communities can  reconfigure technologies to provide new ways of living and adapting to the world.



Tyler Bel

Tyler is the founder of There is No Sky a consulting  firm that focuses on brand management , communications and business development for social impact organizations and thought leaders. As a strategic advisor for various organizations she has become a key connector and conduit in joining together  visionaries and big picture thinkers.  Tyler’s vision is to unite with like-minded individuals and teams to invent and architect systems that push us beyond our boundaries and to connect the vital dots that make it all possible. 

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Neethal Parekh

Neethal Parekh

Neetal Parekh  is the Founder and CEO of Innov8social, author of  the book “51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship” and  an host of The Impact Podcast. Neetal holds a B.A. in International Political Science and is a licensed attorney with a  deep expertise in digital strategy and communications.She is  frequent speaker and facilitator that  believes that social entrepreneurship empowers us to creatively re-imagine how businesses and individuals can create meaningful impact and lasting value.



Daniel Miller

Daniel  has been involved with food his whole life and in 2004 he began a career in food advocacy, teaching high school classes, performing chef demonstrations and  lecturing at universities. He cofounded a holistic cancer survivorship nonprofit in 2012 (Taking Care Cancer), and grew the model to collaborate with hospitals and national organizations in order to teach cancer survivors about holistic community-driven care. He is  currently designing a program to teach opportunity youth culinary skills in preparation for careers in the food and beverage industry.

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Lydia Spanswick

Lydia has been in the food & beverage industry for over 19 years, and currently studying food science.   Her experience ranges from menu development at Please Don’t Tell in NYC, to running Four Season Farm in Maine. Her focus is sourcing and utilizing high-quality ingredients, specifically seasonal and local produce. Lydia has combined her passion for flavor and farming, into PSJ, and uses her knowledge and experience to create inspiring and nutritionally synergistic drinks of wellness.



Jenn Marino

   Jenn believes the kitchen is a place where emotions can flow.  She has worked alongside a variety of clients, using food as a medium to connect their communities and organizations to sustainable food practices. Jenn combines her culinary passion and experience and background in mental healthcare, to prepare and teach others to heal, through cooking and eating. Jenn’s vision is to collaborate  with professional caregivers and counselors, to offer space and opportunities for renewal.



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